Alpha Analytics is an independent, fee only California Registered Investment
Advisor located in the Los Angeles area.

We work to combine the best of two worlds:

  • the large academically oriented research and trading group; and

  • the knowledgeable investment boutique that applies the best of the current
    investment art and science to our client's investment portfolios.

Alpha is an "open architecture" investment management firm with access to the
worldwide range of investment products and services.

We invite you to discuss how we might assist you with managing your investments.
"Alpha" (α) is a financial
term describing that part
of an investor's return
that is due to the skills of
the investment manager,
as distinct from the return
of the market as a
whole.  "Analytics" is the
process of systematically
collecting and analyzing
data in the service of
effective decision
making. At Alpha
Analytics, we strive to
add Alpha value through
skilled fundamental
analysis and a scientific,
disciplined approach to