Frequently Asked Questions


What is your fee structure?

Alpha Analytics charges a negotiable annual fee of 1.0% (100 basis points) of the assets that we manage. Any assets in excess of $1 million (up to $10 million) are assessed an annual fee of 0.5% (50 basis points).

Do you have a minimum fee or minimum level of investment funds?

The minimum level of investment assets is $250,000.

Are there other fees associated with your investment services?

There are no other fees paid to Alpha Analytics. As with all mutual funds or exchange traded funds (ETFs) , there is an expense ratio¹ that is paid to the fund manager. That is the cost of managing, operating and maintaining a fund. The expense ratio is reflected in the daily net asset value (NAV) or daily price of the fund. In addition, in some cases there may be a cost of buying the fund (commission or transaction fee²). As a general rule, Alpha Analytics recommends the use of low cost ETFs and no-load mutual funds.

¹ Typically, 20 to 80 basis points per year (0.2% to 0.8%)
² Typically, $9 to $50 per transaction

Do you require a long term contract or long term agreement?

We do require a written agreement but either party may discontinue and cancel the agreement at any time with 30 days written notice.

Do you make additional fees through commissions or sales of investment products?

No. We are in the category of investment advisors known as fee only advisors. That is, we earn our income from fees generally based on an annual percentage of assets under management. In certain instances, our fees are based upon an hourly rate or on a "per project" basis. We do not earn commissions by selling financial products such as insurance, annuities or mutual funds with up-front sales charges (so-called load). We do not earn greater fees by engaging our clients in frequent trades (so called "active trading").


Can you show me the performance of your portfolios?

Before proceeding, we would be pleased to share the performance history of the individual mutual funds and exchange traded funds that we would recommend for inclusion in your investment portfolio. Alpha Analytics does not advertise the composite investment performance of its clients' accounts since clients have a variety of financial goals, different risk preferences and investment horizons unique to their personal situations.

Can you provide me with client references?

Certainly. At the appropriate point in the process, we invite you to contact one or more of our clients.